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Confidential Business Sales and Strategic Exit Advisers

Helping Business Owners Exit Well and for the Right Money!

Our Services

Our Services

A simple rule in business is to always have an exit strategy. Yet surprisingly, very few have one. Our purpose is to help you navigate your own road map to success by offering the following services:

Business Sales

Selling a business is a marketing exercise that requires planning, preparation and a compelling pitch. 

Generational Transfer

Transferring a business to another family member or close relative is often a logical choice.

Governance Framework

Establishment of governance is often the most successful way to free up a business owner and unlocking value before a full exit.

Employee Buyout

Sometimes the best people to takeover already work in your organisation.   

Capital Raise

Inviting investment to fuel growth is another way to sell down shareholding. It can also introduce fresh ideas and innovation. 

Planned Liquidation

When every path has been explored, sometimes the value of the parts are greater than the whole. 

"Our growth to date has been achieved with the help of friends and family. Now it's about being investor ready to scale to the next level."  

Technology Start-Up

Ready to find out more?

Our process is simple and typically starts with a conversation over coffee. At that point we can determine whether we are the right fit for each other and start making plans for the future.

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